Reaction to Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Address in 1981


The inaugural address was given by Ronald Reagan on 20th January 1981 to mark the start of his four-year term as the President of the United States. In the speech, he talked about the problems that the Americans citizens were facing such as inflation, tax burden, and overspending in government. It is interesting that Reagan stated that the solution to these problems would not be solved by the government as it was the problem itself. He believes that the right way for the government to deliver is by working together with its people to make the United States great again. He goes ahead to emphasize that as the president, the powers he holds are granted by the citizens and would never grow beyond their consent. He also affirms his beliefs in God and even suggests that the day of the inauguration to be made a day of prayers. He vows to bring a transformation in the federal government.

Reaction to an Article about Rodney King Riots

The article is about the Rodney King riot that occurred in Los Angeles. It was after four police officers were acquitted of using excessive force against Rodney King while arresting him. The article describes the assaults, killing, widespread looting, and property damage that occurred during the six-day riots. It is interesting that the police chief, Daryl Gates benefited from these riots. He had set aside a million dollars as his payment for stopping an uprising as he had predicted the riots. As they went on, he appeared relaxed as he did not make any orders to safeguard the town. He was slow in deploying soldiers to stop the riots despite his powers. According to the article, for racism among the police to end, there is a need for accountability in the Los Angeles Police Department.