Global Political Actors Critique

The article outlines various types of global political actors and the overall effectiveness in addressing global challenges and also the specific actor’s resources and capabilities. Additionally, the article explains the main global political actors which include countries, states, and prominent cities such as London and New York. However, the article points out that the amount of global influence that a particular country or state has largely depends on the availability of soft power, military resources, economic resources, among many other key performance indicators of a country or state.

Another key contributor includes the influence and or availability of resources that a state or country has. For instance, Arabian nations have significant global influence due to their abundant oil reserves. Lastly, the notoriety of a criminal or terrorist group is also a determinant of global political factors and play a role in determining the varying levels of influence on global politics because they can wield regional and seldom have global influence.

The post has strong points on the definition of terms and also has a smooth transition between two different ideas. In addition to that, the post clearly outlines vivid examples to enhance the readers understanding on the discussed topic.

On the other hand, the post lacked further information on the last point where readers are left hanging on to their imagination on how criminals and terror groups may be a global political factor, not forgetting that a significant section of the world strongly opposes it. The writers of the post should enhance their explanation on new points in a bid to give the readers a true picture and clear understanding from a single post.